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It’s difficult to earn money writing if no one can find your offer. Social media provides you with an audience. However, they point to a landing page or website for the actual sale. You can pay the search engines to list your offer in the add section at the top of the page by bidding for certain keywords or “Pay per Click.” The more valuable the keyword, the higher the bids. What is a keyword? It is a single word or a phrase of words (called a long-tail keyword) that a person would type into their browser in search of the information or data they seek. Long-tail keywords focus on a specific area or niche and are easier to rank for.

Yost SEO Premium and the free version will bring more visitors to your website!

If you choose the right keywords, you can direct Google and other search engines for free to your website if they deem your content valuable to the searcher. So, optimize your site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using tools from Yoast.

Add Yoast SEO to your WordPress Site

I designed and wrote content for over 100 websites, mostly with WordPress. I often used the Yoast pug-in because it refined my SEO and helped immensely. Unfortunately, this was years ago, and I had forgotten about Yoast. I am in the process of correcting that now.

You can add Yoast to most WordPress sites by clicking on the “add pug-in” midway down the dashboard on the left side, then typing Yoast in the search bar. Download it and follow the simple setup directions. For Yoast SEO free beginners’ course, click here. The call to action button is in the center of the landing page. The page also offers a monthly newsletter and other resources. If you haven’t registered, a pop-up will appear to help you sign up.

Both the Yoast SEO free version and Yoast SEO Premium are easy to install and use. The free version is fantastic. I’ve used it often. The paid version offers more tools (like adding related keywords to bring more viewers) and a more extensive training library.

Adding Images to Get More Traffic

Additionally, add a photograph, infographic, video, chart, etc., to give the search engines more ways to find your page. See our blog on getting and using images here. To create more connections, make sure you title the image and describe it in the alternative tag (alt tag), which describes the image to someone with vision impairments. Don’t forget to add a caption with a keyword in it. I created the image at the top of the page with Canva, a free, easy-to-use design program. Create almost any kind of digital image with Canva. My YouTube video demonstrates how to use it successfully. (Imagine, every time you want a meme with an original or ancient philosopher’s quote, you can add your name to the image! Every time someone shares it, there’s your name or website!)

Headings and Links for Better SEO

Not to be overly complicated (look to Yoast and Hubspot for much greater detail), but there are two other simple things you can do to improve your SEO and increase traffic to your site. The first additional task is to add headers throughout your page. And try to install a keyword in any heading or subheading. You notice that SEO and Yoast SEO appear in mine. Not only do search engines appreciate this, but so do readers if they are skimming a page for something specific, like using headings for the specific information they are interested in. The H1 and H2 are the most important, but you will be rewarded if you add headings to make life easier for your reader (H3, H4).

Search engines also assume your page has more valuable information when it contains links, both exterior links (to other websites, which may be yours or not) and interior links that lead to other pages and posts that are part of the website they are already on. In the case of the exterior links, especially those belonging to others (like the HubSpot and Yoast websites), I always have them open in another tab. That way, when they finish it and turn it off, your site is still up.

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