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Authors need to write book blurbs for the back cover to sell their books. I thought I knew how to write a tantalizing book description for the back cover of my novel. After all, I had written a novel that had received four- and five-star reviews. I have also written company newsletters, hundreds of web pages, and marketing and sales literature. But the book “description” that appears on the back of the book or on the Amazon sales page is apparently a different animal.

Non-fiction book blurbs are totally different since their intended audience is looking for information, not entertainment. And non-fiction works need not disguise or hide a “spoiler.”

I am currently studying the comprehensive, easy-to-assimilate book Fiction Blurbs, the Best Page Foreward Way. It is available as a Kindle eBook and a paperback edition. Fiction Blurbs offers a totally new and very successful way of writing the sales letter on the back cover. Even though we often call it the book description, it literally is a sales letter for the prospective book purchaser. The co-authors write and edit blurbs for other authors and have had over 5,000 successes.

"Fiction Blurbs" by Phoebe Ravencraft and Bryan Cohen teas you to write book blurbs to sell more copies.
Write book blurbs “The Best Page Forward Way,” to sell more books.

Looking back at my original description and reading the first half of Fiction Blurbs, I admit I erred many times. This book not only offers advice on how to write a book blurb but explains why it works. It also provides exercises or practice for blurb writing, so your learning is put to practical use. The authors suggest that you go through the book completely, doing the “homework” as you go, before applying it to your own book.

A few things I learned to write book blurbs, you need to keep it simple

  • 200 to 250 words are plenty.
  • Only one character (two if a romance novel) is mentioned. Don’t confuse the buyer, or he will put your book down.
  • Unless you are listing in a sentence ( X, Y, and Z), no sentence should have more than one comma. Your prose shines inside your book, but you need to sell it first.
  • Sales copy is like poetry. It need not follow all of the rules of grammar. It needs to be clear. Period.
  • Use emotionally-packed action words. You don’t want the buyer just to read your blurb. You want them to feel it.

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