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56% of marketers agree that using blog posts to engage readers is important: you get more visibility and establish yourself as an authority. You create goodwill because you inform them about subjects they are interested in. Keeping contact with your public is important; they are literally your bread and butter. So write posts that provide value to your readers and fans’ lives. What are your readers interested in? Answer their questions and anticipate their needs. Provide them with informative articles to cement the bond between you. And speak to them in terms laymen understand, not in jargon or industry-specific words.

Many authors (and marketers) work hard at understanding our audiences. Like creating a complex main character in our stories, we need to flesh out a demographic for”the perfect fan, reader, and customer.” Customer? Absolutely. The person who buys or reads your writing. By understanding what kind of person is interested in the information you want to share, you can focus on them in your social media ads and email campaigns. You gain visibility with them as your blog posts engage readers.

man-writing-blog-post-on-laptop-to- engage-readers-and-gain-visibility-online
Writing a blog engages your readers, keeping them informed and connected.

Create a Blog to Engage your Readers

A simple blog website is not difficult or expensive. As you gain experience, you may want to create other pages in addition to posts. Create a bio so they can relate to you as a human being. Describe and sell your work. You must purchase a domain, AKA a URL (like ), and pay a hosting fee for someone to store your website on their server.

Check online; many hosting companies offer free tools to build your website. I’ve used WordPress for years, but it may be difficult for beginners. But it was designed originally for bloggers and offers tons of features. This website is a WordPress site.

Another option is to pay someone you know, an online designer (i.e.,, etc., to build it for you. If you go this route, include teaching you to blog as part of the deal.

Creating and maintaining a blog is a continual learning process. It is better to get something done than to hold off seeking perfection. Do it. You can always edit or update articles later.

Blog posts may be turned into PDFs that you can offer to get people to sign up for your newsletter. This is one of the easiest ways to grow your email list. It also benefits your fans by letting them know when a new novel or article is available. Some authors build their posts into books that can be sold, given away, or traded for actions (like names and emails).

Making Money from Your Blog Posts

Although blogs are often free to read, there are three ways they help you earn money writing. First, many bloggers sell subscriptions to view their content. It would help if you had great demand to do that or unique products. I have seen successful writers offer monthly subscriptions to read their works

The second less direct way is by constantly informing them of information they care about. They learn to trust you. Therefore when you have an offer–a new book, a download, or even a physical product like a cup or T-shirt displaying your book cover–they are more likely to purchase it.

The third reason for using posts to engage your readers and fans is to establish yourself as an authority. Connect your posts with your social media. Comment on other authors’ posts and Facebook pages. You are adding free content for them, and you can gain more readers and followers. These people become future buyers for purchases from third-party who will pay you a commission.

Advertise your blog and each new post.

Advertise your new blog as soon as you have a few posts on it. Where? Start with your Facebook Profile and fan, and group pages. And all of your other social media accounts. (Conversely, advertise your social media on your website.) Eventually, you will want to get your website ranked by search engines so that they send you traffic.

If you are a beginner, don’t let this bog you down. As we said before, it is better to get it done than to wait for perfection. Read our SEO blog post and check out Yoast for more information about SEO. You can easily add Yoast’s free version “plug-in” (an add-on app) to your WordPress site.

So, use blog posts to engage readers by offering them information that is valuable to them. Advertise the page link (website/page name) on social media or email blast. If they don’t know, they’ll never see your blog.

How to Engage your Blog Audience

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