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April 3, 2023 Introduction

To sell more books is important to most authors. Not only to know our ideas and stories are touching other people, but to show the time and expense was worth it. Not to mention most writers want to earn money writing! I am not selling as many of my books as I’d like. Following the concept offered in Brian Moran’s The 12 Week Year, I decided to spend the next 12 weeks investigating how successful authors are promoting and selling more books than I have so far.

Obviously, to sell anything , you must have four things.

  • A good product
  • A good offer
  • A good audience
  • Marketing channels such as blog posts, email lists, social media, online videos, and live events

Were you surprised that your books didn’t fly off the shelves or the Kindle store? I definitely expected some early sales. After all, I had created an original and compelling story, and hired a professional editor and graphic cover artist.

I want to sell more books of my novel "The Night the Cats Left Socorro
I am currently promoting”The Night the Cats Left Socorro” while I work on my second novel.

You can learn more about writing a good offer by studying copywriting (AKA advertising). I address it on another blog on this website.

12 Weeks to selling more books

This blog will follow what I learn as I learn it to help me sell more books and allow you to learn along with me. I have a marketing degree, but unfortunately it is from 16 years ago and never touched on marketing and promoting books. It barely covered online selling and marketing at all.

In addition to reading a lot online, I have also committed to reading a few print and Kindle books. The current list includes

Thanks for reading. I need to get to work now!

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