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Writers and artists are creative people. We need time to create. QuickBooks allows us to complete our business chores and get back to writing. It also releases us from worry that we may be missing something.

After writing a book or creating an image, we must market it to get paid. And once money is involved, we are expected to keep records and pay taxes like any other business. Many rely on QuickBooks to organize their finances. It is a great way of tracking expenses to offset some of those taxes.

First off, I am not an accountant and cannot give any personal or professional advice. I am a writer, blogger, and photographer. So check with your tax professional before setting a course. Different states have different tax laws.

That said, I recognize that if you are someone who is writing for money, either by publishing your own books, blogging, or writing advertising copy, you need to keep your ledgers straight.

  • You need to have a way to record your expenses so that you don’t pay income tax on them.
  • You must make reports (monthly, quarterly, yearly) to avoid being fined.
  • If you created a corporation, you need to pay yourself a salary, so you must know how much taxes (income, FICA, Medicare, etc.) to set aside. This also applies to any employee’s payroll.
  • Much more may apply to your situation, but ask your tax professional.
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Quickbooks Streamlines Bookkeeping

My wife ran a full-time consulting business for twenty years before dissolving her corporation and retiring. She has great business instincts and avoided the hours, drudgery, and complications of creating spreadsheets for her company finances by using QuickBooks by Intuit.

During her two decades of using the program, we never had any objections or inquiries from the IRS or state taxing authorities. (Nothing wastes time or creates more stress than a tax audit, so I am told.) QuickBooks reports organized the data and covered everything. We gave it to our accountant (who recommended QuickBooks to us).

(Many customers use the software without an accountant. It depends on the user.)

Recently, I have become an affiliate marketer for QuickBooks, which means if you see the value of their offer, I get a commission. The great part is it does not add to the price. In fact, if you act soon by clicking one of the links, you can receive a 30% discount during your first six months as a customer!

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Click this link to learn more about this incredible, money-saving offer. If you decide that it makes sense for you, take advantage of it. After all, your job is to write, not to struggle with the ins and outs of bookkeeping for your business.

In the weeks ahead, I will offer more information and links on making the most out of QuickBooks.

Small and medium-sized businesses rely on QuickBooks. Find out why.

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