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Where to promote your book? If you are a self-published author, you can start by completing all you can on Amazon. That includes enticing cover art, an engaging blurb (sales copy/book description) on the back cover, and an online description, as well as a page on Amazon’s Author Central.

Use social media for promoting and advertising

Most authors, at the very least, promote their works using social media. This includes Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Not everyone looks at all of them, so use as many as you can to reach the most people. Don’t neglect other platforms, such as LinkedIn for business books. When new, people limit themselves to their personal profiles. As an author, Amazon lets you create a separate fan page, also known as a business page.

No one wants to follow a social media page that is all about selling. To get people coming back for more, offer value that visitors appreciate but don’t have to pay for–a piece of flash fiction, photos and inspirational sayings, contests, questions (i.e., who is your favorite literary detective), information about yourself that you want to share, information about your present work-in-progress, etc.

Image of book being signed by author. Promote your book.
Promote your book through author reading and book signing events.

I am currently growing my profile page by up to 100 people each day because I have interesting content (so Facebook and over 4,000 followers tell me). Some posts are similar on my two pages, but enough is different that I can recruit my friends and followers to view my other page as well. Growing your audience allows you to talk about your book occasionally. And, of course, always add a link in the written part of your post. I use my book cover for an image, but you can do a live video as well.

A definite advantage to using Facebook is that there are many groups for writers to join. I belong to several. The camaraderie and the things I learn in these groups are valuable. Always participate as much as you can (you’re a writer, after all). People get to know you through your comments and posts. Often they end up liking my fan page and become followers. I do the same on their pages which increases our aura of expertise and popularity.

In addition to free advertising to your Facebook friends and followers, you can pay for fairly cheap advertising on Facebook to reach the demographic or target market you think may buy your book. You can also “Boost” your posts which lets more people see them. For a few dollars a day, hundreds of people will see what you offer.

Blogging to promote your book

Another way to promote your book online is in your blog. If you have a website, you can have a sales page, catalog pages, etc., but you can also write a post about your book. Maybe it will be discounted (or even given away as an eBook) on certain dates. Or a sequel or new volume of a long fantasy is coming out soon. Blogging gives you the opportunity to reach different customers who already like your content.

Traditional promotion venues

Some other ways used in the past include book signing (or author readings) in book stores, coffee shops, libraries, and schools (age-appropriate works). You may be of interest to a local newspaper (don’t forget the monthlies) or radio station that may be looking for content. An interview can cast you in the limelight.

Contact Fiverr freelance marketers to promote your book

Virtually everything digital can be outsourced to a Fiverr freelancer, which includes book marketing. I looked at several, and they vary from simple gigs (starting at $5) to more comprehensive packages (I saw one for $350, but some may cost even more). Click here and type in book marketing in the search box. I have used such services in the past and felt they were a good value. Read the descriptions and interact with those you think may help you best.

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