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The following eight posts contain free information on writing a novel that was helpful to me. Other than introductions to each blog, the material was written by Mike Hillsgrove. Mike has written six books appearing in two different series and is editor and chief writer for Down the Rabbit Hole, the newsletter for El Paso Writer’s League (of which I am also a member). Mike’s articles, which he has permitted to publish on my website, show his grasp on creating fiction. He is also a member of critique groups in El Paso, where authors hear each other’s work and offer constructive comments.

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Fiction Writing Course Contents

  • Steps to Writing a Novel
  • Scene Transitions
  • Change of Mood
  • The Art of Telling Stories
  • The Art of Monologue
  • The Art of the Running Joke
  • The Art of Building Characters
  • The Art of Writing Emotional Scenes

Each title will be on a separate post. Post length varies from one to three pages or so. These subjects can be applied to virtually all genres and fiction writing styles.

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Mike Hillsgrove’s Bio

Mike Hillsgrove is the author of two trilogies. The Child of Shadow series occurs during the Sengoku period in Japan. The first book is in print. The second, the Tibetan Girl series, is a modern sci-fi series. I also write short stories and opinion pieces.
He is a graduate of the Virginia Military School and a former Navigator on B-52s for the USAF. He spent 2 years working in the White House as a computer guru and then with dark and evil agencies. He’s been a scientist – a chemist, a computer repairman, and a Linux Systems Administrator. Mr. Hillsgrove has three wonderful children and a Japanese wife, whom he asked to marry him the day after he met her on a bus. He adds, “It doesn’t take me long to make a decision.”

The first trilogy is Child of Shadow, which tracks the life of an orphan girl named Miki, a mountain peasant girl born in the 1300s in Samurai Japan. Given to a Buddhist temple at age six, we see her grow up learning to be a healer and then a kunoichi – a female ninja after her narrow escape from public execution. As she moves from life to new life, she acquires the skills over three books to find her family and eventually restore that family to power in her province of Kumi. The titles of the other two books are Three Yorisada, and Daimyo

The second trilogy is The Tibetan Girl Series. This near-future sci-fi starts at the grave of Alice, the daughter of engineer Jack Robert Morgan, who works for a secret government research group. What he has developed is beyond evil, and he decides to end it by quitting. He finds this easier said than done. During the mission to destroy Satan’s Breath, a weapon of devastating power, he rescues a ten-year-old Tibetan girl about to be executed. This is when he decides to build a whole new world. The books are The Tibetan GirlThe Redemption of Colonel Lei Cheng, and Droids.

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