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Enhance your social media, grow your audience, and influence. Blogs are great for expressing ideas, interacting with others, and recommending products. A great way to get people to see your blogs is by advertising them on Facebook and other social media platforms.

These are some of the 100s of memes I created with Canva for my social media pages. In addition to the graphic, write something that communicates to your chosen audience.

Don’t let people ignore your Facebook posts

Did you know that most people skip over a social media post if it has no accompanying image? It is easy to make images or memes with, a free online image generator that is much easier to use than Photoshop. It has thousands of photographs and drawings to work from, tons of fonts, and is very intuitive to use. Click on my video below to watch a step-by-step instruction video. In no time, you will feel like an expert!

Enhancing your social media posts will get your ideas read more often. And, as Facebook and other social media platforms see you providing great content, they will begin recommending friends to your pages. It took me months to get to 100 friends. Now 30-70 people appear on my profile page daily, asking to become friends. It only took five days to increase from 850 to 1,000 friends.

Why increase your social media audience?

Why increase your base? If you use social media mainly t keep in touch with friends and family, no reason. But if you are looking for a broader audience to influence, educate, or even to market to, the more, the merrier. Some marketers say to focus on a narrower demographic, a specific target market. They suggest creating a “persona,” a fictional person to keep in mind that represents your best customer, client, or group member. Good advice.

But where do you get access to those people? You can advertise for them. You can also solicit people from your general audience on your profile page. My chosen demographic (in general) is people who want to learn to write better and market their writing. Thus my fan page and this website. Eventually, I will sell courses on this website, using my social media accounts to advertise my offers.

Occasionally, I see a third-party offer with nothing to do with writing. So I will solicit friends from my profile page instead. And you know I will use memes I made using Canva to enhance and increase my social media reach.

Use this free online application to increase the power of your social media posts and the number of viewers, likes, and comments.

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