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Earn Money Writing!

Thanks for checking out my blog for writers who want to improve and learn to earn money writing. There are many ways to make money writing. For many years, websites have been designed and created content for them as a side hustle. My employers often took advantage of my writing skills to create websites for them and write newsletters, sales letters, and other marketing and informational products. I volunteered my writing ability to influence any company I worked in. Often, that made me one of the highest-paid employees in the company.

In this blog course, I will highlight many ways to make money writing. Amazon allows you to self-publish your book for free. You can earn money writing for the following venues:

Fiction – Novels, Novelas, Short Stories, Serials, Flash Fiction (As an author, contributor, or Ghost Writer)

Content for yourself as a blogger or on informational websites

Content for others as a freelancer (via your own contacts, Fiverr, affiliate marketing, etc.)

Some companies pay writers to write emails and social media posts

Advertising for others(Creating memes, sales letters, emails, sales funnels, social media advertising, YouTube channel, etc.). This is also known as Affiliate, Digital, or Referral Marketing. Companies pay commissions, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars, when your referral consummates a sale. Often the represented company will already have marketing materials for you to use as models or to send your customers to directly with a special piece of code that identifies you as the sender.

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Check out the rest of the site, especially Resources. It shows tools and training that will help you earn money with your writing talents. Most of these are from third parties. Some are free, and many of them you must purchase. Decide on your own which will benefit you the most. In either case, when you leave this website, you must abide by the terms of whatever new sites you enter. I use my best judgment in choosing what links I offer, but all purchase decisions are yours. Many (if not all) have refund policies.

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