Richard Lane Church, Author

Use Your Writing Talent to Make Money

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The internet is filled with content: words, images, sounds, and video. And many people, not as creative and resourceful as you, are willing to pay others to create content for their websites, social media pages, and YouTube channels.

Your content must be original, at least written in your own words. Search engines penalize duplicate content. Even people with a lot of knowledge in a particular field of study or industry study many sources to refine their ideas and guide them to new concepts. If you have credentials, use them. I often see medical doctors deliver written and video presentations discussing the latest health benefits, health scares, and information on dieting, longevity, and more. (Videos need scriptwriters.) Specific industries have online trade journals that need content. Have you mastered a trade or hobby? How to step by step and YouTube videos allow you to share your knowledge with the world.

In addition, there is no reason to offend your reader with biased language. Carefully crafted, inclusive language allows you to connect with more people. I found Melissa Haun’s post on writing with sensitivity especially enlightening.

Other strategies include partnering with website designers to fill their clients’ pages with content about their industry, business, and products. You can also earn money writing content for local businesses, including social media posts, blog posts, and pages about their recent accomplishments, products, and industry news. I often see out-of-date information on websites. They need writers like us to keep them fresh so that customers and prospects keep returning and purchasing. In some businesses I worked, I wrote newsletters which I distributed during my regular sales calls. Though printed for handing out, they easily became web pages.

Online retailers need product descriptions. Some will use the ones offered by the manufacturers, but often those lack imagination and appeal. If you can write product descriptions, offer them your services. Let them do a side-by-side test on their version and your new, improved one—money talks. If significantly higher sales occur with your copy, then the price of an ad is negligible, especially on higher-end products.

The marketing experts at Hubspot identify five types of content. They include blogs, audio podcasts, videos, graphics, and opt-in content. They offer a free set of over 150 templates suitable for many content-writing purposes. Get your free templates here. These are templates to follow as you write your own content.


Writing a blog has been popular for decades. Blogs allow people or companies to share their knowledge and opinions with the world. I encourage you to write your own to build influence and authority in your field of expertise/interest.

Many authors, including novelists and short story writers, write blogs. It gives them a way to communicate with their readers. Some writers use their blogs to help other writers grow in their craft. (I particularly love Jessica Brody’s outstanding blog). It will also give you another venue to hone your writing skills.

Because you are a writer and many others are not, you can offer your skills to companies to keep their customers updated on their businesses and industries.


The latest figures, which vary by study, show three million to four million podcasts. They are six times more popular than audiobooks. One study stated over 30 million new episodes of podcasts were created last year alone. Many people make podcasts “off the cuff.” Most professionals will write or pay a writer for a good script. Those with a talent for speaking may also offer to record the complete podcast for an additional fee.


There are 373 million YouTube channels. According to Fast Company, viewership is now over one billion hours each day. And that number does not include videos on other sources such as websites. It is estimated that 80% of data traffic on the internet is in the form of video. It is easier to absorb the information given. It utilizes two senses, seeing and hearing. It appeals to the generations brought up on TV and movies. And studies show that video creates more conversions (i.e. sales) than the written word or audio-only. Opportunities for writers are similar to those in audio–scripts.

Video generates 80% more conversion. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, around 78% of all data traffic in 2021 will consist of videos.


Although this article is not about graphics, Facebook states that your post is three times more likely to be engaged if you add an image. LinkedIn reports a 98% increase in comments when the post is paired with an image. Not only do images separate your post from the previous and later posts, but they also create interest and make them more memorable. And shareable. Graphics break up the blocks of written words and often grab the scroller’s attention. Using graphics for your clients or your own social media, blogs, web pages, and ebooks will bring you greater results.

Where can one get quality graphics? There are many graphic artists to choose from on, offering various styles, products, and prices. Use the link above to peruse what is available and get 10% off your first order up to $100 dollars. As of today (2/14/2023), prices start at only $5 for one social media graphic.

If you have a sense of design but cannot draw or don’t have time to learn Photoshop or Illustrator, look at It is easy to learn and allows you to make original graphics in multiple formats in minutes. (You can view some of the social media graphics I created here). I also recorded a free step-by-step video on YouTube on How to Use Canva.

Once you are proficient at creating graphics, you can offer it as an add-on to your writing jobs, sell them as a stand-alone service, and offer them as a freelancer to local businesses, on social media, and on platforms such as fiver as a seller.

Content Offers

Content offers include ebooks, white papers, and other digital information you give away to entice a viewer to give you their email. I know many times I have typed in my information to get a free ebook on a subject I was interested in. The information must be well-written and useful to the reader. And give them enough information to know if they can benefit from the expertise of the company that provides paid information or services (which can be you or the company that hired you to create the content offer.

The most valuable part is gaining a new prospective customer and their contact information to send other offers to.