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An intriguing book cover design helps sell more books. The old cliche “Don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply when most people are purchasing reading material. Each genre has its own style or look–often using similar fonts and arrangements of elements such as images, titles, and author’s name. As writers of novels, poetry, non-fiction, etc., we want our work to be published and read.

Book buyers are usually attracted first by the cover. Then read the title, then the blurb on the back of the book. Before deciding to put it down or purchase it, many will read a few pages inside. Amazon, following the brick-and-mortar stores lead, let you read several pages by clicking on the Look Inside app shown at the top of the book image.

There are two ways to get a book cover design.

  • You can hire a graphic artist.
  • Or you can create the image yourself.

Hiring a graphic artist for your book cover design

Graphic artists create book cover designs. You can peruse them on, ask for recommendations from other writers, search locally, or interact with writers’ social media groups. Verify that they can produce a cover by asking questions and viewing their portfolios. Make sure they offer revisions as part of their service. Getting the right cover is as important as getting the right editor for your book.

The Kindle eBook format is simple. One page only. If you are hiring someone for book cover design, ask if they will also format the image for paperback and hardcover editions as well. You may need to give them the blurb for the back cover, which you may also use as your Amazon sales copy.

Creating your own book cover design

If you are also talented in graphics, you may choose to do it yourself. Photoshop and other graphics programs are easily found on the internet. I often use Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Premier programs, which are much less expensive than full-blown Adobe Photoshop, but fulfill my needs. Another option is, which has templates for book covers and tons of stock images, fonts, and graphic elements to use. Below is a YouTube video for book cover maker.

Again, designing just the image for the eBook is simple. There are more steps to follow when preparing templates for paperback and hardcover books. The page count dictates the spin’s width, and the hardcover requires extra margins for the cover to wrap around the cardboard covers.

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