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Over the years, I’ve spent time earning money writing. As an outside sales representative, I found that often that my employer’s sales literature and resources lacking. So I learned to write

  • Sales letters
  • Presentations
  • Advertising
  • Newsletters
  • Sales presentations
  • Websites and online content
  • Writing short stories and longer fiction

Don’t let that discourage you. It took me thirty years to accomplish this, and I am still learning. Everyone starts at the beginning! But once you begin, it will surprise you how quickly you can apply what you learn. Many of the most important ideas I learned from a special offer I saw. Check it out here. By clicking the link, you will gain access to information that will help you.

Offer Marketplaces

You can also find offer marketplaces that allow you to view their suppliers. You first join the marketplace such as ClickBank or Partnerstack which may have a lengthy questionnaire asking about how you intend to market any products and personal/business information (like where to pay you). Some may require you to create an account with PayPal because that is how they pay.

Once you are approved, you will have access to their sellers’ information, which includes popularity and conversion rates, commission earned, and each company’s marketing materials (banners, ads, email scripts, etc.). I am using this website’s blog pages to advertise. To see an example, view my business software blog.

Richard with Emmy as a puppy.
Richard with Emmy as a puppy

What are some of the things I learned? It has blurred with some things I learned later, but here are some concepts from the training I am happy to share.

  • You must create assets that you own and control. I have 6,500 Facebook followers, but they are not my assets because Facebook could delete them. In the early days of Google ads, the company decided to change its algorithms, and sellers lost website rankings overnight. And sales and customers along with them. A great example of one kind of asset is an email list. (Great for writers who want to share when their next book or installment will be available.)
  • I learned to network with others who were learning the same concepts as me but came from different backgrounds and experiences—people who connect as teachers and sharers and do not see themselves as competitors. I’ve learned many things from these small groups.
  • The importance of finding a niche–a limited group of prospective customers that you can focus on—the very group who will help you earn money writing.
  • The importance of utilizing social media, including Facebook, TickTok, YouTube, and other platforms, to reach a large group,
  • How to fashion content to appeal to those most likely to pay you.
  • Affiliate marketing–writing ads, emails, webpages, and social media posts that send interested people to sellers while you get paid the commission. Clickbank and Partnerstack are great resources that allows sellers to find writers that will promote hundreds (or thousands?) of different digital and physical products.
  • Some companies will pay you to write blogs on their websites and/or keep their social media posts current.

Many of these will be talked about, so click on the link.

Earn Money Writing Blog Posts

The blog posts on this website about Earn Money Writing will explore different concepts and techniques and help you find ways to make your writing talent pay. You can do this by contacting local businesses or via the Internet.

Later, I built websites for local businesses, nearly 200. Most of these were done in WordPress, like this one. As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to getting visitors to your site, I recommend the Yoast WordPress plugin to increase traffic and search engine ranking.

Whenever I write a new blog post, I mention it, with it’s link, on my Facebook profile and author pages. To get the link, go to the webpage and copy the URL. Then write something on your social media and add the URL

My Personal Story

When I retired (I am 68, and during the COVID pandemic, outside business-to-business salespeople were unwelcome visitors, and many companies were forced to close), I found other outlets for writing.

I wrote my first novel, The Night the Cats Left Socorro, and self-published it on using the Kindle app. I used to hire a good editor, cover designer, and book designer (typeface, page design, chapter layout, etc).

Book cover from my first novel, The Night the Cats Left Socorro

I became involved with Entre and began learning about digital assets, creating email lists, creating followers on Facebook (currently over 6,500), as well as Creating Reels, TikTok, YouTube, and other videos. The training has been valuable to me. So far, I have taken only the Affiliate Marketing Course. But I also plan to take the course on setting up an agency to help others gain more market presence and the course on creating informational and motivational videos.

The blog section currently has many posts, a number of them about my experiences in learning to market my novel. There seems to be more to it than writing it, sometimes. It also covers some writing software I use, such as Grammarly and Scrivener. I plan to write at least one new post a week. I also mention books that I found helpful, such as Save the Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody, and How to Publish on Amazon by Matt Voss

Currently, I am working on my second novel.

When I am not writing, my free time is spent walking my two big dogs, Emmy and Juno, helping my wife with her vegetable garden, doing repairs on my hundred-year-old home, reading, and cooking. View my Facebook pages at

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