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Earn Money Writing–
Fiction, Content, or Advertising (Copywriting)

Welcome to Earn Money Writing! Many of us would like to write but cannot find the time to do so because careers, children, and the thousands of interruptions that accompany life.

I have hundreds of contacts and thousands of impressions on social media
(see Contact page). They include tons of memes and long posts regarding many
aspects of writing. Although first focusing on writing novels and short
fiction, I realized that books take a long time to write, edit, and market. I
have written content for nearly 200 websites, plus company newsletters and sales
materials (copywriting), and my first novel. You, as a writer, can also make income along the way through
various venues that employ your writing skills.

Bonus: your skills will improve as you write!

My Social media platforms focus on writing, ways of looking at subjects, and
interacting with each other in an encouraging but practical way. Although I
occasionally mentioned software or other helpful products in the posts, I
wanted to keep it more about writing by limiting commercial messages.

There are so many promises of riches without the required effort on the web.
Many offer pre-made letters, emails, sales funnels, etc. Like writing a novel
(or any other endeavor), these are empty promises. Creating a digital asset
must be done by you, or it will never belong to you. And hundreds or thousands
of people using the same copy dilute the intended message.

This website will offer information and tools created by third parties that may benefit you in addition to advice, encouragement, and techniques. I provide links to professional companies that describe their products and sometimes offer money-back guarantees. (Disclaimer, understand the guarantee is
offered specifically for the item you are ordering. I am only providing a link
to the actual seller and am paid a commission when I bring them a new customer.
I will cover affiliate marketing on another page as a way for you to make money
as well.)